They are not interested in improving the breed. They do not show, so they do not understand TYPE. They do not attend seminars to educate themselves about the.... Jul 1, 2020 Facebook is great if you're on there, lots of Ragdoll related pages and groups. ... Let's look on Google; lots of pet sale websites, oh, look at that tiny baby!! ... You read horror stories of poorly unregistered kittens, kittens that.... Always let your breeder know when you make the first contact if you want to buy a kitten for breeding and/or showing. GCCF Registers affect showing and.... Have you seen an advert for an 'unregistered'. Ragdoll kitten, with no pedigree papers? On line, On a pets 4 sale website, a classified ad' or facebook? They say.... Trying to buy a Ragdoll kitten or cat in Florida? Click here to see our listings of every Ragdoll cat breeder near you.. If buying is of interest to you, ask the staff which cats are available for sale. You might be lucky enough to spot a free Maine Coon kitten, or low cost Maine Coon.... There are on the spot fines for those who are found to have unregistered cats on their property. The Gold Coast council has door-knocking going on these days to.... Registry) for purposes of registration of all cats which qualify for registration as defined within ... registered as an alter (N or S) at the time of sale at the discretion of the seller. ... When no cats which are unknown or unregistered occur within a ... Oriental Longhair. Oriental Shorthair. Persian. Pixiebob/Pixiebob LH. Ragdoll.. You could, of course, find a kitten more cheaply by going to an unregistered backyard breeder that is, if you don't mind getting a British Shorthair kitten of.... 1 beautiful 8 week old kittens for sale. ADVERTISED ... Home Raised Ragdoll Kittens for sale. $1,350 ... For adoption; Not registered, Not desexed. Beautiful... 538a28228e

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